A Letter From the Editor

Welcome back to the McMullen Museum and The Terrace! As this year’s chair of the Publications Committee, it is my honor and privilege to extend my welcome to all visitors and readers, returning and new. As we descend into the fall, I wish that all members of the community include the McMullen Museum in their seasonal plans.

Through December, the museum will display Gateway to Himalayan Art, a special exhibition courtesy of New York’s Rubin Museum. This exhibit explores the vast array of Himalayan art and artifacts and examines the various connections to the region’s cultures, histories, and religions. Primarily featuring Buddhist symbols and traditions, the pieces work to educate and demonstrate what Buddhism means within the Himalayan region.

Additionally, the Carolyn A. and Peter S. Lynch Collection will permanently be on display beginning in October. This impactful gift of 19th- and 20th-century paintings will furnish the University Conference Center and be open to the public. The collection features 27 paintings and drawings by 20 revered artists, which will transform and elevate what the museum has to offer.

As for The Terrace, our upcoming year looks to emphasize and develop the strong scaffolds from previous years. Our spotlight on local artists, ‘Artists Across Comm Ave,’ will continue to appreciate and accentuate the work of artists in our community. Additionally, we aspire to stay focused on our mission of social justice by continuing to examine ‘Problematic Visual Culture’ in terms of the museum and beyond. Finally, we hope that our writing and work continue to inspire, educate, and reach our readers in new and exciting ways.

As always, we are looking to collaborate throughout the greater Boston College community, especially in terms of our current exhibit and the new Lynch Collection. If any and all groups are interested, please reach out to Rachel Chamberlain with further questions and proposals.

Again, I am beyond grateful and excited to lead the Publications Committee this year and welcome everyone back to The Terrace! I look forward to the fantastic work that my fellow Student Ambassadors will do. For a full calendar of events, please visit this page. As always, the museum is free and open to the public seven days a week.

Thank you for being a part of The Terrace and for being an amazing and crucial part of the McMullen community!


Liam Conner, ’25

Liam Conner, the Chair of the Publications Committee.
Podcast Archive

Special Episode: “American Alternative Comics” with McMullen Intern Graduate Students

Last semester, we recorded an episode with three graduate students who interned with the McMullen Museum and played a role in our Fall 2022 exhibition, American Alternative Comics, 1980-2000: Raw, Weirdo, and Beyond. Alexander D’Alisera, a Ph.D. candidate in the History department, interned for the McMullen during the Institute for the Liberal Arts’ inaugural internship program. The following summer, Rachel Speyer Besancon, a Ph.D. candidate in the History department, and Troy Woolsey, a Ph.D. candidate in the English department, completed their internship and prepared the museum for the opening of the exhibition. In this episode, they talk about their experiences working at the McMullen, learning more about the comics world, the behind-the-scenes of a museum, and their favorite pieces from the exhibition. 

Although the physical exhibition has moved on from the McMullen, you can still see the entire show by viewing our virtual walkthrough here.

Listen to this special episode below:

In Case You Missed It Museum Events

In Case You Missed It: Spring 2022 Lunar New Year Celebration

Photographs and captions prepared by Sunny Lee, class of ’22

On Saturday, February 5th, 2022, the McMullen hosted a Lunar New Year event with Boston College’s Asian student organizations. This event was open to the public, and it was fabulous to see many students and members of the local community enjoying their time in the festive halls of the Museum. The Asian Caucus, Chinese Students Association, Korean Students Association, Taiwanese Cultural Organization, and the Vietnamese Student Association presented New Year’s food from various countries, games, and opportunities to make New Year’s decorations to celebrate Lunar New Year. The games played were Go, Mahjong, and Feilong. Additionally, attendees tried their hands at decorating red envelopes, fortune-telling, origami, and making Chinese lanterns and New Year’s knots. 

Board members of the Vietnamese Students Association (VSA) Gina Yoo and Vivienne Le smile for the camera while preparing to serve Vietnamese cuisine.

Left: The mouthwatering dumplings the Chinese Student Association (CSA) brought were a popular hit among the attendees. Right: The Taiwanese Culture Organization (TCO) brought delicious egg tarts and crackers that are popular staples at Asian supermarkets.

The button-making machines worked by McMullen Student Ambassadors allowed participants to create their own button pins.

Right: participants in the game room busied themselves with the various traditional Asian games provided, such as Mahjong and Go. Left: attendees used their artistry and dexterity in creating paper crafts such as a Chinese lantern ornament.

If you did not have the chance to catch our TikTok video on social media, you can watch it here!