A Letter from the Editors

Welcome back to the McMullen Museum and The Terrace! As the co-chairs of the Publications Committee, we want to extend a warm welcome to our visitors and readership. This year, we are excited to be open to the public again with a few protocols in place, such as a mask mandate regardless of vaccination status. However, you no longer have to make appointments when visiting the museum, so we hope to see you soon, checking out our fantastic exhibit or studying on the terrace! 

Our exhibit through December is Mariano: Variations on a Theme | Variaciones sobre un tema which features the Cuban artist Mariano Rodríguez. Mariano, a modernist painter, references Cuban national identity in his work, sometimes symbolized by el gallo (rooster), and draws connections between abstraction and reality. He went through several changes in style throughout his career, as seen in the paintings and drawings in our galleries. In addition, many of his works exhibited here are on display for the first time in the United States.

During the 2020-2021 school year, The Terrace began to focus more on art as it relates to social issues—how does art perpetuate systems of oppression? How does art fit into our world, and vice versa? As a result, we began a series called ‘Problematic Visual Culture,’ which specifically aims to address these questions.  

As editors of The Terrace, our utmost goal is to craft and publish engaging articles for and about our community, whether it be the McMullen Museum, Boston College, or Greater Boston. We will continue our commitment to using our experiences with art to spotlight social justice issues and amplify marginalized voices. Additionally, we welcome submissions from all students across campus, which can be arranged by contacting Rachel Chamberlain. We hope that our readers feel a little closer to the McMullen and to each other through the process of reading our content.

We are excited to present numerous upcoming events at the museum, some virtual and some in person. Our own Museum Student Ambassadors will be hosting our popular “Into the Collection” series on October 25th, featuring the art of Roberto Estopiñán. The presentation will be virtual, but the works discussed will be on display in the museum the following day, October 26. There are numerous other upcoming events as well. For a full calendar, click here. If you have any questions or are interested in working with the McMullen Museum on events or projects, contact Rachel Chamberlain at

We thank you for being readers of The Terrace and for being part of The McMullen community.

Ivana Wijedasa, ‘22, and Michaela Brant, ‘23

The Co-Chairs for the Publications Committee. Michaela Brant is pictured on the left and Ivana Wijedasa on the right.

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