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What Issues Concern BC Students?

By Reeno Hashimoto


On Friday, September 7th, Boston College students congregated at the McMullen Museum of Art to kick off the opening of Carrie Mae Weems’s Strategies of Engagement. Ambassadors asked fellow students to weigh in on some of the most polarizing issues of 2018. As students ascended to the third floor, they discovered a poster-laiden window. Each poster presented a series of current issues such as criminal justice reform, climate change, and income inequality with a blank space underneath. Boston College students, always up for a challenge, took only three dot stickers, placing them under issues of particular importance to them.

The twenty-four options from which students could choose their “Top Three” were criminal justice reform (44), climate change (85), free speech (18), national security (5), strengthening unions (4), pro-life legislation (4), gender equality (82), Second Amendment rights (3), promotion of democracy worldwide (6), LGBTQ rights (34), voting rights (7), racism (95), $15 minimum wage (9), freedom of religion (18), campaign finance reform (7), rising student loan debt (13), income inequality (40), national debt (11), cybersecurity (8), affirmative action (7), immigration reform (37), universal health care (42), reproductive rights (31), and gun control (69).

Racism, climate change, gender equality, and gun control were the issues most significant to Boston College students.

The McMullen Museum student ambassadors urge you to consider the following: what matters to you most and why?

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