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“Art in Focus” Podcast: “Cao Jun: Hymns to Nature” with Literature Professors Min Song and Joseph Nugent

National Spirit
Cao Jun, “National Spirit” 国风, 1999 ink and watercolor on paper, 180 x 144 cm

The McMullen Student Ambassadors are pleased to present our new podcast, Art in Focus, featuring an informal discussion between professors from various academic departments at Boston College. With each new episode, we aim to uncover a new perspective on the works on display, informed by research and methodologies in areas of study across the University. Each conversation will bring the exhibition’s works “into focus” as both historic records and living objects that trade in today’s cultural and economic capital.

For this episode of Art in Focus, we have invited Professor Min Song and Professor Joseph Nugent from the English Department. Each professor was asked to choose a single piece from Cao Jun: Hymns to Nature, and share anything and everything that strikes them as interesting or curious. They chose the works featured here.

The Return of the King
Cao Jun, “The Return of the King” 王者归来, 2011 ink and watercolor on paper, 212 x 144 cm
Cao Jun, “Genesis” 创世纪, 2010 ink on paper, 368 x 144 cm

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