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In Case You Missed It: STITCH DIY Embroidery Night

By Michaela Brant, class of ’23

Photographs by Caitlin Park, class of ’24

STITCH and the McMullen teamed up to host a Do-It-Yourself Embroidery Night on Tuesday, February 22. The McMullen provided the supplies and STITCH brought the expertise. Among Martin Parr’s photographs in the second floor gallery, participants gathered around tables strewn with embroidery hoops, fabric, needles, and thread of every imaginable color. Experience levels were all over the board, and many attendees were seen scrolling on Pinterest trying to find an attainable yet visually pleasing pattern for their beginner skills. By the end of the night, many were introduced to the art of embroidery and invited to future STITCH meetings, and everyone got to take home their beautiful embroidery projects.

Students gathered around tables in the second floor gallery and worked on their embroidery projects.
Participants followed instructions from the packet provided or went with their own designs.
STITCH members instructed and chatted with attendees throughout the gallery.

Keep an eye out for the next McMullen and STITCH collaboration, Crocheting on the Quad on May 3rd and 4th!

In Case You Missed It Museum Events

In Case You Missed It: Spring 2022 Lunar New Year Celebration

Photographs and captions prepared by Sunny Lee, class of ’22

On Saturday, February 5th, 2022, the McMullen hosted a Lunar New Year event with Boston College’s Asian student organizations. This event was open to the public, and it was fabulous to see many students and members of the local community enjoying their time in the festive halls of the Museum. The Asian Caucus, Chinese Students Association, Korean Students Association, Taiwanese Cultural Organization, and the Vietnamese Student Association presented New Year’s food from various countries, games, and opportunities to make New Year’s decorations to celebrate Lunar New Year. The games played were Go, Mahjong, and Feilong. Additionally, attendees tried their hands at decorating red envelopes, fortune-telling, origami, and making Chinese lanterns and New Year’s knots. 

Board members of the Vietnamese Students Association (VSA) Gina Yoo and Vivienne Le smile for the camera while preparing to serve Vietnamese cuisine.

Left: The mouthwatering dumplings the Chinese Student Association (CSA) brought were a popular hit among the attendees. Right: The Taiwanese Culture Organization (TCO) brought delicious egg tarts and crackers that are popular staples at Asian supermarkets.

The button-making machines worked by McMullen Student Ambassadors allowed participants to create their own button pins.

Right: participants in the game room busied themselves with the various traditional Asian games provided, such as Mahjong and Go. Left: attendees used their artistry and dexterity in creating paper crafts such as a Chinese lantern ornament.

If you did not have the chance to catch our TikTok video on social media, you can watch it here!

In Case You Missed It

In Case You Missed It: Fall 2021 “Art After Dark: Grotesquerie of Lights”

By Luis Rivera, class of ‘23

Photos by Sasha Jouldjian, class of ‘24

On Friday, October 22nd, the McMullen Museum welcomed all to celebrate the spooky season and this semester’s exhibition: Mariano: Variations on a Theme | Variaciones sobre un tema

Following a frightening year without Art After Dark, its reincarnation brought life to the museum and Boston College community. Under the waning gibbous, students enjoyed a game of manhunt, told ghost stories, and occasionally rolled down the front lawn’s hill. Those who dared to get lost in the fog became fascinated by BC visual media professor Jane Cassidy’s immersive installation on the back lawn. 

As art lovers entered the McMullen, live performances from members of the Boston College Music Guild greeted them. On the first floor, visitors made fall LED lanterns out of black cardstock and transparent colored vellum. The smell of apple cider and donuts in the adjacent room stimulated their senses, as well as the sights and sounds of The Host above them. 

The Immersive Projection Pop-Up Exhibition on the second floor showcased the magic of Boston College students. The projections added a new layer to the Mariano exhibit. Additionally, painters illuminated the dark terrace by creating glow-in-the-dark pieces that glistened under black lights. 

The third floor celebrated the richness of Cuba. Thrill-seekers anxiously waited for their numbers during Loteria Cubana. Women and roosters watched jugadores play Cubilete and Cuban Dominoes in the Monan Gallery. 

It was a pleasure reviving Art After Dark with all those who contributed and attended. Mariano: Variations on a Theme | Variaciones sobre un tema will be available for viewing until December 5th, 2021. Watch out for more thrills at the McMullen in the near future by going to our events calendar

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In Case You Missed It: ASO Taste of Africa

By Dana Connolly, class of ’22

The African Students Association of Boston College brought live programming back to the McMullen in style last Saturday with their annual Taste of Africa celebration. The program, led by new student leaders of the ASO, was the first significant, in-person event hosted by BC students at the McMullen since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The night began as students gathered on the museum’s scenic lawn facing Commonwealth Avenue. Groups of students reunited, introduced themselves, laughed, and stared longingly at the tantalizing tin foil catering trays of food. BC ASO has regularly hosted Taste of Africa each year, often collaborating with nearby Black student organizations like those at Harvard. The menu featured dishes representing the various African cultural organizations on campus, from injera to jollof rice. 

After more than one hundred students had arrived, the ASO representatives introduced themselves and their new positions in the group, led by Edil Mohamed, LSEHD ’22, co-president of BC ASO. Afterward, the ASO brought out the ladies of F.I.S.T.S., BC’s only all-women step team. However, as their performance proved, F.I.S.T.S. is much more than a dance group—they are a family. The crowd was hyped to see live dance performances again. 

The line for food was long and filled with hungry patrons. While some groups ate, others congregated beneath the massive tent, fortuitously left standing after a wedding the night before. Students could not resist the alluring music provided by DJ Wonka, a local talent and the proprietor of The Chocolate Factory (@djwonka_ on Instagram). When the catering trays were scraped clean, the ice-buckets melted, and the sun set on McMullen’s backyard, the party continued with dancing and laughter. 

Be sure to check out upcoming events at the McMullen by visiting our website.

Below are some photos taken at this year’s Taste of Africa by Sasha Wong, class of ’24.

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In Case You Missed It: Lunar New Year Celebration, 2020

By Kathrine Lathrop

The McMullen museum welcomed the year of the rat this Saturday, February 1st, with a grand community celebration for the Chinese New Year. Student organizations under the Asain Caucus including the Chinese Student Association, Korean Student Association, and the South East Asian Association came together to bring crafts, games, and home-cooked food to create the perfect event. 

There were many activities for visitors to enjoy, including origami crafts. Guests made red paper fans, lanterns, and three-dimensional Chinese characters. Red string was also provided for some to try their hand at making Chinese knots. 

Across the hall, the McMullen featured a button-making station. Visitors of all ages came to design their own pins and have them come to fruition with a simple pull of a lever. 

Guests were also invited to watch a student presentation on the New Year celebration. After the slideshow, many visitors continued into the game room where they could play cards or Mahjong. To take a break from the activities, many visitors enjoyed the home-cooked food offered by the students. Scallion cakes, dumplings, and fried rice were a big hit!

In the atrium of the museum, long tables were arranged where guests could decorate envelopes for the new year. Gold chocolate coins were provided to put in the envelopes for good luck or a sweet treat. 

The Lunar New Year celebration ultimately brought BC and the surrounding community together under good food, fortune and of course, creative crafts. The year of the rat has just begun and will surely be filled with more fun celebrations at the McMullen!

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In Case You Missed It: Spring 2020 “Art after Dark”

By Dana Connolly

On Friday, January 24th, the McMullen Museum opened its doors once again to inaugurate Spring semester and debut this semester’s exhibition: Indian Ocean Current: Six Artistic Narratives.

Like last semester’s Hieroglyphs of Landscape exhibit, Indian Ocean Current explores the complex, rugged beauty of the natural world. The six artists in Indian Ocean Current display how humans have profoundly affected our planet, through climate change, borders, and global trade. The activities at Art After Dark served to highlight the importance of climate health and the movement of people and ideas. 

On the first floor, students made their own Jellyfish creatures from craft and recycled materials. These unique sea creatures featured LED lights to recreate the bioluminescent glow of real Jellyfish.

Throughout the night, several talented BC student groups performed in the main lobby, including BC Music Guild, The Sharps, BEATS, The Dynamics, and Jammin’ Toast.

On the first and third floors, students played environmentally-themed board games, such as Morels and Settlers of Catan: Oil Springs, while upstairs students made DIY Lorax Masks to speak for the trees.

One of the most popular activities of the night was DIY Button Making in the Permanent Collection gallery room. Students were able to wear their politics on their sleeve with custom “DIVEST” and “CHANGE POLITICS, NOT THE CLIMATE” buttons. Many students also took the opportunity to draw and create their own designs.

As always, there was never a dull moment at this semester’s Art After Dark student opening. Keep an eye out for new and exciting events at the McMullen, such as our Every Thursday Night program featuring this week’s gallery discussion: “Borders: Beyond the Wall,” and next week’s DIY Night: Knitting with Plastic Yarn (Plarn). 

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In Case You Missed It: Lunar New Year Celebration

The Year of the Pig kicked off with a bang, as on February 16, the McMullen Museum came alive with music, food and crafts to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The McMullen worked in conjunction with the Chinese Student Association, the Korean Student Association, the South East Asian Student Association, the Vietnamese Student Association and the Asian Caucus to pull off the perfect Lunar New Year event.


There were plenty of activities for visitors. On the first floor, people could try their hands at making paper lantern crafts and Chinese knots. There was also a room for card games and Mahjong.


Also on the first floor, students gave a presentation on the origin of the Lunar New Year. Following the presentation, a number of clubs offered home-prepared food for the Lunar New Year celebration.


In the atrium, visitors could pull fortune sticks from a jar and examine the fortune board to determine what the year ahead has in store for them. Then they could sit at several long tables to decorate envelopes for the new year—and even put a few chocolate coins in for good luck, or perhaps just a treat later.


But far and away the most exciting part of the Lunar New Year celebration was the lion dance. There were two lions, each comprised of two students, and they performed the dance around the atrium to a large crowd of awed spectators. With dramatic drumbeats and the occasional crash of cymbals providing a musical accompaniment, the dancers showed off their agility and command of the choreography.


By late afternoon, it was time for the Lunar New Year celebration to end—but the Year of the Pig was just beginning. Here’s to good times at the McMullen Museum in the year ahead!


In Case You Missed It

In Case You Missed It: Spring 2019 Student Opening

By Annabel Steele

The McMullen Museum kicked off the spring semester by welcoming students to Art After Dark on February 8th for the students’ introduction to the new exhibit, “EagleMania: Collecting Japanese Art in Gilded Age America.”


The exhibit itself shows off a variety of Japanese art, from folding screens and ceramics to a small-scale replica of a pagoda. Much of the art was originally owned by Larz and Isabel Anderson, who collected a great deal of beautiful art during their travels to Japan. The connecting theme of the art is birds—time and time again, the pieces display the beauty of large birds of prey, such as hawks and eagles. Of course, that connects to the centerpiece of the exhibit—the original Boston College eagle.


This eagle was once perched atop the pole by Gasson Hall on Linden Lane, but it was taken down and later replaced by an imitation eagle that still stands there today. Over the past few years, the original eagle has gone through an intensive restoration process leading up to the opening of the EagleMania exhibit. In the exhibit, it is accompanied by videos of two very similar eagles on display in Kansas City and London.

The third floor gallery houses an exhibit called “Cuenca: City of Spanish Abstraction.” It highlights a variety of works by Spanish artists during the mid-twentieth century, when General Francisco Franco cracked down on artists.


Students had an extra incentive to visit the two exhibits—a scavenger hunt, complete with McMullen-themed prizes for those who completed it. But besides the scavenger hunt, there was plenty to do at Art After Dark.


On the first floor, students could visit a photo booth and take pictures with a number of props. Down the hall, they could try their hand at some Japanese games, or even try origami and a paper-lantern craft. Meanwhile, the McMullen Museum teamed up with the Anime Club to play anime in several of the rooms. And, of course, there was food! Up on the third floor, students connected with the Cuenca exhibit by making their own abstract works on paper.


But the EagleMania student opening wouldn’t be complete without a visit from BC’s very own eagle. There were a number of performances throughout the night, but perhaps the highlight was the visit from Baldwin.