In Case You Missed It

In Case You Missed It: Spring 2020 “Art after Dark”

By Dana Connolly

On Friday, January 24th, the McMullen Museum opened its doors once again to inaugurate Spring semester and debut this semester’s exhibition: Indian Ocean Current: Six Artistic Narratives.

Like last semester’s Hieroglyphs of Landscape exhibit, Indian Ocean Current explores the complex, rugged beauty of the natural world. The six artists in Indian Ocean Current display how humans have profoundly affected our planet, through climate change, borders, and global trade. The activities at Art After Dark served to highlight the importance of climate health and the movement of people and ideas. 

On the first floor, students made their own Jellyfish creatures from craft and recycled materials. These unique sea creatures featured LED lights to recreate the bioluminescent glow of real Jellyfish.

Throughout the night, several talented BC student groups performed in the main lobby, including BC Music Guild, The Sharps, BEATS, The Dynamics, and Jammin’ Toast.

On the first and third floors, students played environmentally-themed board games, such as Morels and Settlers of Catan: Oil Springs, while upstairs students made DIY Lorax Masks to speak for the trees.

One of the most popular activities of the night was DIY Button Making in the Permanent Collection gallery room. Students were able to wear their politics on their sleeve with custom “DIVEST” and “CHANGE POLITICS, NOT THE CLIMATE” buttons. Many students also took the opportunity to draw and create their own designs.

As always, there was never a dull moment at this semester’s Art After Dark student opening. Keep an eye out for new and exciting events at the McMullen, such as our Every Thursday Night program featuring this week’s gallery discussion: “Borders: Beyond the Wall,” and next week’s DIY Night: Knitting with Plastic Yarn (Plarn). 

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