In Case You Missed It: Visual Culture Trivia Night

By Carolina Gazal

On Thursday, September 14th, Boston College students gathered at the McMullen Museum of Art for a Visual Culture Trivia Night. The Terrace was filled with students in groups of 2 to 8, feasting on Otto’s pizza and awaiting the trivia questions to come.




After a few drops of rain splattered onto the Terrace, teams relocated to the main atrium to continue the trivia night.


Groups were asked questions ranging from identifying Britney Spear’s album cover to identifying parts of the cell to identifying each house in Game of Thrones. The trivia night culminated with a question worth several points, making it anyone’s game. Much to everyone’s delight, the final question was to name all seven Horcruxes from Harry Potter and to describe how each one was destroyed.

IMG_9090The trivia winners received their choice of a free catalogue of Nature’s Mirror and a McMullen tote bag or umbrella.

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