Fall 2016 Lectures

11/17/2016: “Scattered Leaves: Digitally Reconstructing the Beauvais Missal” by “Beyond Words” curator Lisa Fagin Davis (Link: goo.gl/ZY9QcU)

lfdThe beautifully illuminated Beauvais Missal—created in the thirteenth century and dismembered in the twentieth—is one of the best-known victims of mid-twentieth-century American “biblioclasm,” serving as a perfect example of just how great a loss is incurred when a codex is dismembered and its leaves scattered. It also serves as a hopeful case study of the possibilities offered by recent developments in imaging and metadata standards, platforms, and interoperability. This lecture introduces the incipient digital reconstruction of the one hundred known leaves of the Beauvais Missal—spread across 27 states and five countries—and presents initial findings based on an analysis of the extant portion of the manuscript.

09/10/2016:  “The McMullen: Building a Museum outside the Box” by McMullen Museum Director Nancy Netzer (Link: goo.gl/Fjf8ck)

ndIn this lecture, given at the Preview Opening, Director of the McMullen Museum Nancy Netzer discusses the history of the McMullen Museum of Art at Boston Collection and the many decisions that went into planning and building its new facility at 2101 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02135.

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