Metaphor, Making, and Mysticism

Submission Guidelines

As an artist, what does creativity mean to you? How have you captured a fleeting moment, preserved a vanishing thought? How did you transform the unexplainable, the intangible, and the purely imaginative into a work of art? 

Are we capable of portraying nature, or does every such attempt automatically become a creative metaphor? When do we draw the distinction between making art and living life, if the only qualification for the former is a mere awareness of art-making? And what shall we name the inexplicable force that propelled you – in the mundane multitude of everyday experiences, to click that camera, to stretch a canvas, or to pick up a paint brush – other than the mystical?

Interested in Submission?

The McMullen Museum of Art invites you to submit your artwork(s) that express your creative understanding of “Metaphor, Making, and Mysticism”. If selected, your works will be exhibited in the Carney art space during the entire month of March.

Medium may include, but not limited to: paintings, drawings, photography, video art, music, sculptures, ceramics, etc.

Themes may include, but are not limited to:

Self-expression and reflection;

The creative process of “art-making”;

The relationship between nature and human perception of nature;

Communicating the unsayable;

Portraying the unseen;

Reflections on the living and the afterlife;

Ready to Submit?

Please send a short description of your intended submissions, as well as images in pdf/jpeg form describing your work to by February 8, 2019. (Extended deadline) You will be contacted by the curatorial committee at the McMullen Museum for more details.