In Case You Missed It: Fall 2017 Student Opening

By Carolina Gazal

Last Friday, Boston College students made their way to the McMullen Museum of Art to participate in the first Student Opening of the year, dedicated to the new exhibitions “Nature’s Mirror: Reality and Symbol in Belgian Landscape” and “Esteban Lisa: The Abstract Cabinet.”



Students were greeted by performances by the Music Guild and Jammin’ Toast.



The back wing that holds the private collection was open for students to try Belgian and Argentinian desserts, and to create string art by hammering nails into hand-cut boards of wood. The results varied from abstract string constellations to animals to plants, and even the McMullen logo.


The second floor was dedicated to the Belgian version of the card game “Whist.” Students gathered in groups of four to partake in the highly amusing card game.  One group of students even created their own spin-off game called “Whast.”


The third floor was dedicated to creating a giant collaborative piece, based off of a landscape painting in the “Nature’s Mirror” exhibition. Using a gridded example, students picked one square to focus on to contribute to the larger image. A Belgian themed movie was playing as students created their masterpieces.



Outside the museum, students could play a Belgian lawn game called “Rolle Bolle.” Similar to bowling or curling, the game is a team effort that students could join in.


The night culminated in a performance by the Music Guild.



In Case You Missed It: Visual Culture Trivia Night

By Carolina Gazal

On Thursday, September 14th, Boston College students gathered at the McMullen Museum of Art for a Visual Culture Trivia Night. The Terrace was filled with students in groups of 2 to 8, feasting on Otto’s pizza and awaiting the trivia questions to come.




After a few drops of rain splattered onto the Terrace, teams relocated to the main atrium to continue the trivia night.


Groups were asked questions ranging from identifying Britney Spear’s album cover to identifying parts of the cell to identifying each house in Game of Thrones. The trivia night culminated with a question worth several points, making it anyone’s game. Much to everyone’s delight, the final question was to name all seven Horcruxes from Harry Potter and to describe how each one was destroyed.

IMG_9090The trivia winners received their choice of a free catalogue of Nature’s Mirror and a McMullen tote bag or umbrella.


Welcome Back!

welcome back landscape

As the school year settles into its second week, we here at the McMullen are counting down the days to our Fall 2017 opening. A new semester means new exhibitions, new events, and new—and old—student ambassadors. From doe-eyed freshmen to weathered seniors, perhaps still in denial, the McMullen is eager to be welcoming BC students to a second year at our Brighton campus location. With a year of experience under our belts and a whole host of new and exciting activities and events, we’re once again here to act as refuge from the ever-burgeoning weight of academics, a sanctuary dedicated to keeping a little peace and quiet, providing a little aesthetic enjoyment, and maintaining some sense of sanity.

wbl 3.pngIn our main gallery, we’re starting off the year with Nature’s Mirror: Reality and Symbol in Belgian Landscape curated by Boston College’s very own Jeffery Howe. Continuing the home-grown tradition, our third floor corridor is again adorned with the paintings of a BC professor. Alston Conley’s luminous skylines bring Belgian and Netherlandish landscape traditions across time and sea to contemporary New England. Both will be on view starting September 10th. And finally, the colorful abstractions of Esteban Lisa complete our third-floor space, which opens the 16th.

TriviaNightCropped.pngAs always, the McMullen is holding an exclusive Student Opening—complete with games, refreshments, and live performances—on September 22nd. But before that, we’re taking advantage of Boston’s last few weeks of summer for a night of visual culture trivia out on our namesake Terrace. Trivia Night marks just the beginning. We hope you’ll join us here throughout the semester, whether it be our student exclusives, our normal hours, or late on Thursday nights. Here’s to a brand-new year, to new adventures we’re thrilled to be sharing with you, at your museum.

See you soon!