Campus Submissions

Photographs from Ralph Stover and Reid State Parks: Hannah Petty (3/20/18)

A collection of photographs from Reid State Park on Georgetown Island, Sagadahoc County, Maine and Ralph Stover State Park in Plumstead and Tinicum Townships, Bucks County, Pennsylvania taken by Boston College sophomore Hannah Petty.  

“The Story of Girolamo Romanino’s The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine”: Abigail Dagher (2/21/18)

In the third century CE, St. Catherine of Alexandria pledged herself to Christ in a divine marriage. Over a millennium later, Girolamo Romanino captured this moment in his painting The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine. In this iconographic analysis of Romanino’s sixteenth-century painting, Boston College sophomore Abigail Dagher analyzes the artist’s reinterpretation of the St. Catherine myth in the context of the art and religion of Renaissance Italy.

A Tale of Two Museums: Ileana Lobkowicz (2/14/17)

No two cultural institutions are ever the same, but there are often many similarities waiting to be found just beneath the surface. In this short essay, one of our student ambassadors has crafted a case study which compares and contrasts The McMullen Museum to The Lobkowicz Palace in Prague.

Curating for the Digital Age: Faye Hubregsen (2/10/17)

Instead of fighting the omnipresence of the smartphone, some institutions (including the Met, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and Boston College McMullen Museum, among others) are embracing social applications to convey the message that the museum can be highly compatible with the modern digital age.