McMullen AAPI Solidarity Statement

Dear members of our local Boston College community and beyond, 

The McMullen Museum of Art stands in solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community during these disheartening times and condemns all forms of racism and hate. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, there has been a spike in the rate of senseless violence against the AAPI community. It has been exceptionally mentally exhausting for the Asian community to repeatedly witness news of their people being discriminated against, attacked, and murdered. It is even more frustrating to see the lack of bystander involvement in these occurrences. 

On March 29, 2021, a 65-year-old Asian woman, while walking to church, was punched and stomped on several times in broad daylight in New York City. Video footage shows two guards who watched the attack close the door on the victim lying on the floor instead of helping her. 

As these hate crimes intensify, we ask you to acknowledge them and show your solidarity by taking action in the form of educating yourself with the resources attached, spreading awareness, donating, supporting your Asian friends, uplifting and amplifying Asian voices, speaking against discrimination, and calling out the use of harmful stereotypes. 

Our nation has a long history of prejudice against Asians, from propagating the “Yellow Peril” narrative that painted Asians as a menace to society perpetuating the model minority myth that portrays Asians as too successful to be discriminated against. The Asian community does not deserve to live in fear and anger. A white male murdered six Asian women in a spa shooting in Atlanta. An 84-year-old Thai man was killed on the street in San Francisco. A 61-year-old Filipino man was slashed across the face in a New York subway. These heartbreaking instances are just the tip of the iceberg of recent anti-Asian violence. The Asian community is angry, in pain, and traumatized. 

We must take action together to fight against the surge of anti-Asian violence and change the debilitating hate that plagues our society today through education, awareness, and the support of Asian voices.


The Student Ambassadors of the McMullen Museum of Art 

Anti-Racism Resources to Specifically Support the AAPI community

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